Each season we host a variety of competitive events for the entire paintball community to gain experience to enhance their skills and meet new players!


On event dates, we offer discounts on everything we have to offer! Don’t miss your chance to join the action with chances to win paintball prizes!

Scenario Events 

Event #1 – Saturday, July 14

Thank you to all the players who attended our first scenario game for 2018! Events like this are not possible without you! We hope you enjoyed the new style of games we created and it sounded like the final bomb mission finished with a bang ! Hope to see you all at our next event August 11!


Congratulations to the red team “The Platypus’” for taking home the win for the day! Great job blue team “The Blue Ballers” for getting best out of 3 for the fort bomb games!


Special thanks to Andrew Tenove as Master Corporal and Braden St. Pierre for running event for the day. Shout out to the Xcalibre staff for set up and reffing.

Event #2 – Saturday, August 11

Thank you to everyone who participated for our 2nd scenario game of 2018! We cannot host these events without players like you and appreciate your support.


Search & Destroy was a victory for the Resistance. The rebel army retrieved Intel successfully and detonated the bomb! With the destruction of Fort Knox, the Northern Liberation Army (NLA) has retreated to reinforce their resources and soldiers for the next mission.


Congratulation to the Resistance (red team) on their victory! Be prepared for the NLA (green team) to be back with allied forces for revenge at Scenario Cup on September 8th!


Special thanks to Andrew Tenove for writing our scenario events this season and making them the best ones yet!


Shout out to the Xcalibre staff for set up, reffing and tear down for event.

Event #3 – Saturday, September 8

Join us for our 7th Annual Scenario Cup event! Park opens at 9am for registration! All players are invited! 1st Mission starts at 11am.


Own Gear Entry $10
Rental packages starting at $35


Case of 2000 Paintballs (smaller quantities available)
GI 1 Star $80
GI 2 Star $90
GI 3 Star $100



First 30 players to register will receive a Free Swag Bag!  Prize draws throughout the day for all registered players to have a chance to win gear!


Our referees will also be voting on players to be awarded for Most Valuable Player and Best Sportsmanship!


Strategy is key to get your team name on the Scenario Cup for 2018!


For more details please contact us or click the event name above for latest updates!

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