Our park is very easy to find right along highway 831 directly across from Long Lake Provincial Park, Alberta campgrounds. You will see the large wooden fence along the highway with our logo and signage to help direct you to registration. We have a large customer parking lot located near the Park Entrance for your convenience.

Safe Zones

Throughout the park there are safe zones where no shooting is allowed. Gun safety plus barrel plug/sleeve must be used in these areas marked with safety signs. The parking lot is a safe zone where you will go through entrance to walk down for registration at the bunker.


If you are visiting us and bringing your own gear to play, please ensure you have checked your equipment has safety on and barrel plug or sleeve is being used before installing your HPA or Co2 tank before registration.

Picnic Area

After parking your vehicle, you will walk through the park entrance down to the picnic area for registration. All visitors must report to the Bunker.


You will find picnic tables, tents, washrooms in this area available to all customers. Cold drinks are available to purchase anytime in the bunker. Happy’s Restraunt is available directly across from our location for take-out food. Groups are also welcome to bring food and drinks from home to take a break between games and continue playing with unlimited field time!

The Bunker

Our one of a kind bunker is over 2000 sq ft underground designed to stay cool for the best quality of paintballs! You will find our most experienced employees inside ready to help.


Register to play and choose 1 of 5 Rental Packages or bring your Own Gear!


We carry everything to get you outfitted with the best quality brands in paintball! Check out the Store!


Having gun problems? We carry a massive inventory of gun parts in stock! Our qualified technician is on site to help. Ask about our Tech Services.


Every playing field has a specific safe zone with tables, garbage cans, recycling bins and smoke butt receptacles. These areas can be identified with safety signage and netting plus can be used for spectators not playing to view games safely. No masks are worn in the safe zones, plus walking trails, and gun safety plus barrel plug or sleeve must be used.


We also have Washrooms and HPA fill stations throughout the park, to save walking and for convenience. Our trained referees enforce safety and Park Rules plus operate HPA (high pressure air) fill stations for all customers. We celebrate over 12 years in business incident free with our customer service and safety top priorities.

Playing Fields

Target Zone

Moving targets and 150 feet of range!


This area is used to chronograph own gear players before playing. Rental players can practice their skills here before starting first game against opponents.


Like to shoot but don’t like getting shot? Too young to play against other players but ready to learn? Check out our Target Zone Package!


3 acre playing field which includes two 20 foot tall sniper towers, trenches, bridges with lots of bunkers to advance and eliminate your enemy!


Different games are available to play with our collection of props to use such as flags, money bags, intel and more! Ask your referee!


One of the top players favorite field for scenario events with its military theme!


Designed as smaller playing area for speedball style of games consisting of many tire barricades. Games are fast paced and great for small groups!


Battle from either side of the field to cross any of the 3 bridges and eliminate your opponent. Different games available.


4 acre wooded playing field themed for hunting!


Features tall grass, wooden bunkers and treed areas to strategically play against the opposing team.


Center of field has open area which makes it difficult to cross to the other side where your enemy is hiding!


Fun for larger groups, especially players wearing camouflage!

Charles Town

Charles Town has over 40 buildings built into one big town featuring 2 story Church and Clock Tower plus much more!


One of top 3 favorite reviewed playing fields at our park.


A divided playing field split in two by a wall of dirt with lots of vehicles to hide behind!


The only way to reach the enemy side is to go through one of two city buses which are buried in the wall of dirt!


Great for large groups with different games available. Don’t get trapped in the bus while trying to eliminate your opponent!

The Maze

A labyrinth of walls built into a large wooden maze.


You can see the opposing team, but it can be difficult to reach them.


Great for kids and small groups. 2 acre playing field with a variety of different fast paced games available to play.


Walking trail cut across available from this field for added customer safety and convenience.

Fort Knox

CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR CONTRUCTION 2024 SEASON.  Keep watching for more updates!


World’s largest paintball fort over 30,000 square feet! This 10 acre field is a must see when visiting us!


Features five 20 foot tall sniper towers and an entire 2nd level to play on! Pathways in the trees to sneak your way to attack the Fort! Alley ways inside the fort with barricades and added bunkers on the outside for ultimate coverage while battling!


Where might the enemy be hiding? Great for attack and defend games. Favorite at our scenario Events!

Daye & Nash Fields

CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR REMODELLING.  Keep watching for more updates and new sports available for the 2024 season!


Two professional regulation sized speedball fields! Slide on the most prestige grass. Stay late with Night Lights to play after hours! Pit area includes 4 team staging areas with fill stations, chronograph stations, two 20-foot-tall towers with scoreboards and more!


Spectator area available with bleachers for Team practices and events hosted by Xcalibre.


Dedicated in loving memory of our team mates Shane Daye and Keith Nash. #Play4Daye #Bash4Nash. For information about scholarship program please visit the Shane Daye and Keith Nash Memorial Foundation.